My Discovery of Tachyon

I am a self proclaimed Initiate. I believe in my higher self and the ability to tap into collective consciousness. The Law of Attraction responds to your vibration. As your vibration raises, you are privy to higher levels of thought and clarity. These moments of clarity are delivered to you via your pineal gland or the third eye. Once they are delivered to you, it is as if they become you. The information becomes a magical driving force from within that you did not have before. You do not know the specific message that was delivered, but it becomes a part of you, it changes your instinct. The messages were already in my heart but my confidence level of their truth takes over and I cannot go back. It is like an onion shedding the layers. My initiation began in 2010 when I read the book Initation by Elizabeth Heich It is then that I started my journey as Scientist Priestess, Michelle. I started my journey to Enlightenment thru Yoga, counseling, and teachings from Adyashanti, Osho, and Rumi. I expanded into teachings from Abraham about the universal Law of Attraction, channeled through Ester Hicks. To learn from these teachings, one has to believe in telepathy and that humans can be receivers of universal messages. I really try to utilize these teachings in my everyday life. Then, my understanding of life on earth expanded to life within the universe, which has now expanded to life within the multiverse and the understanding of God. I truly see myself as made in God’s image, which I will expand on in a further blog. This brought me to teachings from Bashar, Kryon of Magnetic Service, and Lord Ashtar. These are all universal citizens, not Earthly citizens, channeled through humans telepathically. These teachings are on YouTube. I began to learn more about space friends and how they are always helping humanity without interacting. They will not allow us to fall into another World War.

I discovered tachyon energy from where I followed a link on how to become a part of Earth’s power grid with a special stone called the Cintamani gemstone. Being a part of the Earth’s power grid assists in the removal of the matrix by compression breakthrough. I did some research of the significance of the cintamani gemstone and I felt compelled to purchase one. I followed the link and it brought me to a tachyon website where I learned that I would be receiving a tachyonized Cintamani gem. I learned more about tachyonized crystals and what tachyons do. I felt compelled to purchase more to help rid myself of a cyst attached to the outer side of my larynx. Now, I feel compelled to help everyone with tachyonized crystals. This is my calling delivered to me after a sage burning ceremony I did for myself. Now, the universe is supporting me on this journey because I spoke it into existence. The universal law of attraction is working for me because of God’s love and the instinctual direction of my journey that feels right.


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