Classes and Certifications


Reiki Certifications- Levels one, two, and three $111 per level

Learn Usui Reiki with a high level of understanding from Energy Healing Master, Michelle Strange. You will receive a comprehensive understanding of what Reiki is, what is happening during the Reiki session and how it affects the cells and the body, mind and soul. Each course is two hours classroom time and a manual is provided with each level.

Level One is self healing, understanding reiki, and you will be attuned to one symbol that starts and stops reiki flow.

Level two is the Practitioner course. You will be attuned to two more symbols, be given practitioners tools, and learn distance reiki.

Level three is the master course. You will be attuned to the final fourth symbol, receive teaching tools, and learn how to attune others to reiki healing.

Reiki can be learned in person or distance. Distance courses are one on one via zoom.

Crystal Healing Certification $222

Become a certified crystal healer with this comprehensive 6 hour course on how to heal yourself and others with crystals. Get prepared with all the tools needed to diagnose chakras with a pendulum, how to facilitate a crystal healing session, how to choose the right crystals, how to build crystal grids and write prescriptions for your clients.

Crystal healing course can be done in person or on Zoom with Tachyon Crystal Healer, Michelle Strange

1031 McHenry Ave
Suite 14
Modesto , California 95354
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