The River Of Life

In my studio, I have created a tachyon flow of energy on the table called the RIVER OF LIFE. At each end of the table, there are tachyon discs with a directional flow of energy. When you lay on the table and the chakra stones are laying on you, you are in an infinite flow of tachyon energy through your chakra system. I play chakra healing music for you.

My tachyonized tools include TLC Bars, the Magic Wand, a Chakra balancing kit, large and mini silica discs, Panther Juice (healing hot spot serum) and a Cintamani gemstone. I bought most of my practitioner tools from TACHYON USA and there offer a full product line to tachyonize your world. I also have smudge items and tingshas to allow us to create a healing space through an energy clearing and dedication ceremony to you.

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