Vibrations take you from Alpha to Omega

Tachyon is the source of all frequencies. According to Wikipedia, frequency is an important parameter used in science and engineering to specify the rate of oscillatory and vibratory phenomena, such as mechanical vibrations, audio (sound) signals, radio waves, and light. Humans are a vibratory phenomena. Our thoughts and emotions lower and raise our vibration. The Universal Law of Attraction says you attract what you are vibrating. We are human magnets and we are just beginning to unlock the power of how to use our magnetism and thoughts to manifest our desires.


When we feel good, good things happen. Our vibration rises when we do things in alignment with our higher selves. Our vibration lowers when we make choices that do not serve our higher self. As in the Alpha Omega Consciousness diagram below, you will see how we feel determines our vibration which determines what we attract.


A human that has been victimized is at the low end stuck in a thought pattern of shame. The Universal Law of Attraction says that you attract what your are vibrating, so if a person does nothing to raise their vibration, they will attract others stuck in the same vibrational level. Perpetrators seek out the lower vibrational humans, most lower your vibration but there is the one that ends up being a spiritual catalyst to drive you up to the Omega point. Once you start to rise, your ability to feel joy increases. JOY is the GOAL! Joy is the feeling of unity. Joy is finding the love light within you. Joy is connecting with your twin flame. Joy is unconditional love. Joy is everywhere but you have to find the right pair of glasses that help you focus on it. Joy is APPRECIATION! Joy is seeing the wonders of the Universe. Joy is seeing life and humanity as a gift. Joy is honoring the light in others. Joy is the feeling I have right now as I write these words to share with you because I have reached that confidence level in my joy. I spoke this into existence. I stated what I wanted and the Universe is delivering. I feel in the range upward of around the upper 500’s of the Alpha Omega Consciousness diagram but I still feel my humanity and get frustrated and angry, immediately lowering my vibration, but I no longer stay in that space. I utilize the tools I have to recognize which part of my emotion is ego,  recognize what the experience is trying to tell me, then turn my thought pattern to appreciation of the emotional tools I am gaining from the experience. I turn on some reggae music and I feel irie irie irie!!

Tachyon Crystal Energy healing is an easy way to help you rise up from Alpha to Omega. TACHYON is OMEGA. Omega vibrations will bring you up the scale without you realizing. Omega is unconditional love continuous flow. Omega is connecting to the energetic continuum and allowing the flow. Regular crystals can help you vibrate a little higher but TACHYON IS FASTER THAN LIGHT VIBRATIONS. Tachyonized crystals are channeling the source energy to you. Tachyonized crystals are the future  of medicine. Tachyon brings back alchemy and gets rid of pharmacy. Pharmacy separates you from your natural ability to channel source energy by blocking your energetic continuum connection to source. Alchemy reminds your body of this life force that is available to you and allows you the power to heal yourself through mindfulness. Tachyon is the key to alchemy.


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