Quantum Healing with Tachyon

I offer Quantum healing sessions with tachyonized crystals. I discovered tachyon energy on my quest for lifting the earth's veil and want to share this future healing energy with you. Tachyons are faster than light particles that bring harmonizing and regenerative source energy that restores your body to your energetic force and it's connection to the source energetic continuum. Tachyon crystals refract 13 rays of light, the 13th being divine and perfect harmonic frequencies. Tachyon is resurrection power.

Tachyon Services

I offer a range of services to help you achieve the results you’re after. Start with a $70 Chakra Healing Session, this service is for everyone! From there, I can explain what services are right for you and tell you more. Click below to find out more.

Tachyon Crystals are used to ignite and heal your chakra system.

I offer Reiki sessions on a tachyonized PEMF crystal bed while in a Tachyon Healing Chamber

This service allows you to start or make a quantum leap in your spiritual development.

The anointing sessions includes a tachyonized healing oil application and direct crystal application to remove pain spots on the body. If desired, a complimentary essential oil application that focuses on your issues can be added in that heals a specific body system.

Tachyon Oil Anointing for Pain or Healing

This service allows you to relax for about 40 minutes while anointing oils are applied to your body with soft touch.

Herbal Detoxifying Steam Box

Yoni or Lingham Steam

Come give your lingham or yoni some healing and sit on the herbal steam box while you listen to a healing mediation. There are herbs specific for females and males. Either way, I provide a skirt for you to use while steaming, Read more about steaming benefits on the Herbal Steam page

Start your spiritual awakening now!

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